Sunday, January 20, 2013

[Tutorial]How to Setup PPTP VPN On Mac

Internet censorship is exsiting anywehere in the world.You will find many resources you can't enjoy.Some countries have locked Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and other similar websites.Some workplaces and schools is taking web URL flitering measure that users haven't internet freedom.Which make internet users frustated about this.Would you want to break this restraint?I will teach you how to break this restrict with vpn on Mac.
Tutorial-How to setup pptp vpn on Mac
I will introduce one free trial vpn on Mac-Flyvpn.You can use its free trial account to test whether Flyvpn can support Mac or not.Please refer below steps to set up pptp vpn on mac .
1) Please open system reference -> Network -> Click "+"button to add one vpn network -> Interface:VPN,Choose the vpn type as:PPTP,Serveice Name:My VPN(PPTP)-> Click"Creat"

2)Inpur server address and account name.The account name must be the Flyvpn account.Worthwhile,Please click " √ " Show VPN status in menu bar box
2.1)If you haven't purchase flyvpn product.You can use its free trial vpn account .Trial accont's password will be refersh every minutes.So you must get latest password.
Free trial Account Server : or;
Please enter the free trial account server into "Server Address",Type the free trial account into "Account name"
2.2)If you have bought its serveice.You can find your account server address at .If you want use US server.Please type one US IP into "Server Address".The "Account name" is your flyvpn account's user name.
Then click"Connect".

3) Click the Advanced button. Select Options "Send all traffic over VPN connection".Then Click "OK"

4)Click "Apply" ->"Connect",Then type your vpn accout's password or free trial vpn account's password.
Wait a few seconds.You will find you have connected successfully.


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